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Orangutan gives birth after negative pregnancy test.
Chester Zoo in England had a happy surprise. They had tested their orangutan female for pregnancy and it was negative. They came in one morning and found her holding  a newborn.
Any orangutan birth is special, but this  is a Bornean orangutan and they are even more endangered that their  Sumatran  cousins.
The palm oil industry is destroying their habitat and leaving them in danger of losing their genetic diversity. The birth of a Bornean Orangutan, even in a zoo,
is part of maintaining their genetic diversity. 
Leia is an excellent mom and her baby is doing very well.

This is the kind of surprise we like to see, a newborn orangutan.  Anything that helps our Orangutan cousins to survive is a good thing.
Their numbers are so low in the wild that we need a healthy zoo population so we have the possibility of restoring them to the wild later when we have restored their habitat. Now we just need to stop the habitat destruction cause by palm oil production. If you want to help only use sustainable palm oil products.
Until we stop destroying we can't start rebuilding or in this case, regrowing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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