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More pet Halloween costumes
As Halloween approaches we can expect to see some amazing pet costumes. This collection is good, it even includes a tortoise and a bearded dragon. Of course it has the usual guinea pig costumes and delightful cat and dog costumes.

Every year we post pictures of pet Halloween costumes. Every year they are different costumes.  It seems when it comes to Halloween and our pets there is no limit to the creativity.

Of course I found some more.

Didn't I say creativity is endless.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

There are some interesting costumes. A reptile with bunny ears! Smiley16 

Well....dogs just want to join in the fun. Any excuse for a jolly good party. I don't know what all the others make of it.... Smiley4
I can't tell what the bearded dragon is thinking. He does look cute as a bunny.  I like the dog dressed as a dinosaur. Dogs do costumes well. I think they are actually having fun.  Guinea pigs seem happy in their costumes as well. As long as there is food guinea pigs would wear anything.
I never get tired of seeing pets in costumes and every year there something new that we have never seen before.

I found some more.

There seem to be an infinite number of creative pet costumes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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