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Rehoming a dog, a tough decision
I found an interesting story about ta decision to rehome a dog. The dog was adopted as a rescue and was loved. Things were working out and then circumstances changed. More people and animals were living in the apartment. The dog's behavior changed. It took a bit to realize that the dog was very unhappy. 
It was a hard decision, but they chose to rehome the dog. The shelter he came from helped and he in now with a new family and is a happy dog.

I think the story shows a lot of insight and caring for the dog. The guy didn't think of rehoming the dog until he realized it was unhappy living with him. Maybe it never was a match and the change of circumstances made it clear sooner.  Certainly once the guy knew his dog was unhappy he struggled with his own feelings before letting him go somewhere else. I am glad they made friends with the new owners. Visiting the dog will tell him that they still care even if they are not the right family for him. It was a very unselfish choice and I am glad it worked out for the dog.
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