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Drones used to save animals from climate disasters
Drones can fly over an area safely, faster and cover more ground than a human on foot. After a fire or hurricane when speed is essential a drone can save lives.
Douglas Thron started observing nature in the 1990s in a small plane. Now he uses drones. He was there in Australia and the Bahamas. He has been working in the fire ravaged west coast and hurricane ravaged gulf area. His drones save lives and they allow rescuers to act more efficiently.

It is good to know that we are using the best of technology to help animals tapped in disaster zones. Drones buzzing around can be annoying, but when they are put to good use they are a very useful tool.  I hope this use of  drone technology can be expanded and help in more cases. Getting to animals on time is a life and death issue. Well done Douglas Thron. I hope others copy your ideas.
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