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130 cats and dogs flown from Puerto Rico to forever homes.
The Sato Project with Wings of Rescue and Greater Good Charites  worked together to charter a plane and bring 130 cats and dogs to New Jersey. Many already had homes lined up for them. Those that are still available can adopted through Humane Pennsylvania, Broward County Humane and the Kent Animal Shelter.
Bringing these animals from Puerto Rico gives them a chance at a future. It also frees up space in the shelters in Puerto Rico. That will allow them to help animals that are still there and in need.

I admire the people who organize these rescue flights. They help so many animals have a chance at a life. They provide pets for people who want them. They relieve crowding in shelters where the animals come from so more animals can be helped. Everybody wins. It just feels good to know that good things keep happening even in a year where there are a lot of bad things.
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