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Do not preserve your pumpkin with bleach
This time of year pumpkins are everywhere in various degrees Halloween carving. Some people want their fancy pumpkins to last longer. Advice that is being given on the internet suggests that the pumpkin will last longer if soaked in bleach. Maybe they will and maybe they won't, but DO NOT DO IT! A pumpkin soaked in bleach could later prove fatal to wildlife that eats the pumpkin. Perhaps soaking the pumpkin in vinegar solution will help it live longer. Certainly vinegar will not hurt wildlife who want to nibble the pumpkin.

Why would you want to preserve a Halloween pumpkin. Once the season has passed we should be glad that the wild animals want to eat our pumpkins.
If the pumpkin is still inside and still in good shape then cook it and eat it. Pumpkins make great soup. If the pumpkin is out there, then let nature take its course.
I like the suggestion of taking the pumpkin to the park and smashing it so it can feed many little animals.  Using bleach is selfishly destroying good food that animals could enjoy and making it dangerous so that hungry animals could be harmed by it. If you want your pumpkin to last get a plastic one.
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