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It happened again...
So I got KK (Killer Kiwi) my sun conure March of 2019.  She was my aunts bird and she hand raised her from 2 months old.  This year KK will be 14.  This year I’ve been worried about her and even thinking about getting her a companion.  At one point she started plucking but this was also deep in shut down so I think she was picking up on my stress.  But once I got my new work from home job KK has been doing great and I haven’t thought much more about a companion since I’m home she see’s me all the time.  Well... Friday morning I’m tagged on a Facebook post in a Nashville Exotic Bird group.  A beautiful green cheek conure, Olive, is needing a new home because her owner is unable to spend enough time with her anymore.  I’m tagged in post like this a lot but not 2 minutes after I get a message from my dog sitter friend.  She knows the breeder who hand raised Olive and she’s already talk to her about Olive and mentioned me and that I regularly take in animals with similar back stories, also that I work from home...

...Olive’s owner is 16 in high school and active in multiple school activities so she was having less and less time for Olive.  Olive was get sad and started plucking.  Right now she’s plucked most of her feathers out except her wings and what on her head... I should say previous owner now lol because Olive and KK are now across from each other getting used to seeing each other.  So far so good.  They are looking at each other and I’ve heard them squawking at each other.  I’ve set Olive up and KK for the night and checked on them a few times but once dark hits KK is a sleepy bird and Olive seems to be the same so they are quite now.

When I met Olive I was told about her biting issues.  That she’s gotten more aggressive about it too recently.  I gave it time and offered my hand a few times but once I was shown how to pet her and she realized how good I was at it,  she hopped on my shoulder pretty quick after that.  Over the course of an hour she started grooming me and snuggled in my neck.  Which I was told numerous times she just doesn’t do.  Olive normally just attacks people she doesn’t know or trust which is limited to her previous owner, her dad, and now me Smile

So this will be interesting getting them used to each other.  More to come! I’ll get pictures tomorrow too.  It was so dark when I got home and KK will not go back in her cage right now for me to get Olive out.  She’s a spoiled brat for sure.

Welcome to the family Olive!
The moment I saw your thread I knew you got another bird and I knew it would be a rehome bird of some kind.
I just looked up green cheeked conures and Olive will be very pretty when all her feathers grow back. I am not surprised she took to you. Animals just know you are going to look after them. She probably watched how KK responded to you.
I bet KK and Olive become good friends.  You already have bird supplies and conure food and you are used to looking after KK.  What's one more conure.
I can't wait to see pictures and hear about how the two birds are getting along. They are going to look pretty together.

So congrats on the new addition to the family.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Something I forgot until today is Olive is actually a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure. They are slightly different on the head than a plain green cheek. She came with everything plus some and the promise of another cage, 3 bags of food, and 3 bags of treats. She can say a lot too so it’s not like she was neglected she just didn’t have a consistent schedule. It was really starting to mess with Olive’s little bird brain lol.

Today was the first day Kasey and I both worked from home so instead of grabbing KK and eating downstairs where I could disturb Kasey, I just sat on the couch next to KK’s cage. Olive is right across from KK but I need to move her against the same wall as KK. It was so funny when I sat down I was talking to to the girls but looking at my phone for a song to play them. I found something to play, looked up, and I swear they were both eating! I was eating and they both saw that as their cue to eat too! And yes I got pictures.

Lunch pictures

Welcome to the family Olive
My research so far.
I have seen a pineapple green cheek conure. Olive is going to be very pretty. The contrast between the two birds colours is going to be striking. The sun conures are so colourful and so different from the pineapple green cheeks.  Conures are sort of my favourite. They are such little characters.

Olive will be so much happier with you, Kasey and KK for company. I have breakfast with my guinea pig and my new rescue bunny. Olive will love having you there for meals. I think it is cute that they ate when you ate. Birds are not  solitary creatures. They need to have other birds around. I guess that makes you an honourary bird since they out number you.

That was a loving choice for her previous owner to give her up. You do need to be around when you have birds. 
Working from home is perfect for you. When you take breaks you are right there with your animals. Just having you there must make everyone happy. 
Sadly my job cannot be done from home, but I retire in 4 years. I would love to spend more time ay home with my animals.

How are the dogs reacting to you being home?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

KK helps me fix their breakfast. She has been a lot more loving so I’ve taken to spend a little extra time with her. She decided to join me for a shower today. I took her with me to the bathroom and I let her climb on the curtain in there. She was asking scared of the water which she does sometimes so I just left her on the curtain and cracked the shower curtain so I could keep an eye on her. Well I was nearly done washing my hair. I wiped the water out of my eyes, opened them, and there she was hanging from my towel. I put my hand out and she climbed on and walked to my shoulder which was in the water. She stuck her butt up and closed her eyes like it hit just the right spot Smile She’s so funny. She has to do things on her own time.
I had some good interactions with Olive today too. This morning she was a bit hyper and bouncing and nipping all over the place. I was kinda thinking, What have I gotten myself into?, so after work I tired a more simple approach. I just let her hope out on my shoulder and walked her to the bathroom since she hadn’t seen it yet and I’m hoping I can get Olive to see the shower as fun too. Which I was told she likes water and baths. I just don’t know how she will react to a shower. But there’s nothing she can get into if she decides to bounce around the bathroom instead.

The dogs and cat love me and Kasey being home. They still aren’t used to Kasey being up during the day so they keep getting excited every time he moves lol. They still aren’t great at being quiet so I have to kick them outside occasionally. I also have to drag them in equally as often if they start barking like nuts! My schedule is pretty set right now so I’m hoping they learn to chill after a few more weeks. I’m setting up treat toys for late afternoon when they get restless.
It's sweet that KK helps with breakfast. That must be fun.
I can understand KK being more loving. She might like having a new bird around  but she wants you to remember that she is your first bird. KK also might want Olive to know that she already has a relationship with you. She could also be showing Olive that you are special and safe to be around. All the dynamics are going to be interesting. You could end up with both birds being good friends with each other and both being really close to you. This next few weeks could be really fun. 
You have to win Olive's love and trust and bring your two birds to love and trust each other. It will be cute if both birds start showering with you.

I bet you all love being home together. Have you ever had a chance to be home together? Do the cats see it as a chance for more lap time?
The dogs must be beside themselves having you there to let them in and out. I am sure they will figure out how the treat toys work to their favour and cooperate with you.

These next few days and weeks are gling to be interesting.
How do the reptiles like having you home or have they even noticed? Reptiles can be pretty mellow and  I am not sure they notice how much we are home or not.

Have fun. Working from home has its challenges and it joys.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm really hoping buttering up KK helps. She hopped in the shower with me again today to enjoy the water. She like to stick her butt up in the water like it hit just the right spot. Olive is settling in. She still very wild and bouncy but I've been avoid most nips by just having her on my shoulder. I'm going to wait another week before having them out together. I want Olive to bond with me a little more before they officially meet beak to beak.
I can see that bringing two birds together takes some careful planning.  It makes sense that you want to bond with Olive before you try to bond her with KK.
You want to make KK feel special while you are working on bonding with Olive.  I can see how this will work out for you , the way you are going about it.
I think the birds will bond and become good friends. Some day you will have breakfast with two birds helping you.
Two birds in the shower could be pretty funny. You do realize the birds will out number you and you will be part of their flock.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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