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California Condor Sanctuary Update
It was with horror that we heard of the California wildfires destroying the California Condor Sanctuary. Five Condor chicks were in nests and Iniko had a web cam that played until the fire destroyed it. Fortunately Iniko survived. Of the five chicks, two were killed. Many of the adults who had been released into the area were missing at first. Some have returned. Sadly in all 9 Condors died. The whole Sanctuary was destroyed, but fundraising is underway to rebuild it.

On a happy note there are nine young Condors ready for release into the area. They are in the process of being released right now.

After the fires when the birds were still just considered missing, I really hoped they would return. Some of these fires move so fast even a Condor can't survive.
I am sorry about the two chicks who died. They were so vulnerable and had no chance of escape.  At least little Iniko made it.
Having nine more birds to release brings the numbers back up. It would be better if the nine were still alive, but at least all in not lost.
The Sanctuary will be rebuilt and there will be more chicks next year.

Sadly there will be more fires until we deal with the effects of climate change. Fires are burning all over the planet and wirdlife suffers for it.
We need to act while we still can. The Condors are not the only animals that have died in wildfires this year.
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