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Should I get a Water Dragon
I have wanted a water dragon for a long time. It just never worked out. Someone bought Bob the water dragon the day before I went to get him. Or else there were babies, but I was busy with something else.  This time there is a baby water dragon and he is one of a set we got at the reptile centre. Somehow he fell into the water  and got into trouble. Normally they are great swimmers. He nearly drowned. I noticed he was in trouble and we were able to save him. We did emergency first aid and for the rest of the week we have been babying him. It was two days before he moved and three days before he started to look green again.
Now he is eating and he is going to make it. If I had been 30 seconds later noticing him, I doubt he would have lived.

Considering I saved his life, I think he belongs with me.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Poor baby. Glad you were there to help! Babies can be a bit clumsy at first. As someone who had one I say go for it but make sure you have the space for a very large water feature for an adult.
I loved having Saphira. I wish she hadn't took a turn. She was so personable. She was just as active and curious as the birds. Feeding time was a blast. I would just throw roaches on the floor, as they scattered she would go hunting zooming around the room crunchcrunchcrunch, zoom, crunchcrunchcrunch. She understood when I got the yellow tongs it was dinner time. I would sit this grapevine on the trash can so she could climb down from her enclosure. To the ground safely. But I wonder if one of those time she got too excited and missed falling to the floor too hard. Man I miss her so much. I will get one again but I want to build the enclosure DIY from this cabinet I have. It will take some time and I'm in no hurry. I want to do it right with the next one. Poor Saphira had that dislocated leg that kept popping out. I'm sure it was an injury from her previous owner not actually caring for her and man handling her. I was told she was a biter but she never once bit me. I also never tried to hold her down. She would hope on my should and like at my hair.
This water dragon is very small and I could see it being clumsy and ending  up in water it was not prepared for. 
I am just so glad I noticed in time to save the lizard.
I have already set up a 20gal tank with a reasonable sized water dish. From there I can upgrade to a 30 gal. with much bigger water bowl.
After that, I have Barrie's tank. Barrie was 3 feet long so it is a big tank. It is also deep so there is room for a large water feature.
I have time to decide what I want to do. I could put a ten gal or even a twenty gal tank inside the terrarium. It could even have a filter so the water would have movement. I have  various logs and branches that I can cut to fit. I can really plan the large tank and make an amazing set up. I was planning to get a water dragon when Barrie came into my life. He took over the big tank and had a wonderful 4 years in it. Now he is gone it is time to go back to the plan of having a water dragon. This little one is the one I am meant to have.

I can imagine how much you miss Saphira. Water Dragons are special. They look like little iguanas, but they don't get so big. I love the way they swim. 
You did  everything you could for Saphira, but you can't fix damage a previous owner did. I babied Barrie and kept him going, but he was pretty damaged.
I am lucky I had four years with him.

Now I get a chance to give a water dragon an amazing life. 

I am sure there will be a water dragon in your future. It would be fun if you could have a baby and raise it. I would have taken an older water dragon, but I love the idea of a baby dragon.

It was too cold to bring him home today. It is going to warm a bit later in the week so hopefully  I will have my  water dragon by the weekend.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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