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Meet Boo Bunny
My friend's father had a petting farm. The father died and the volunteers have arranged to place the animals in loving homes. They kept the family groups together, but they found one little baby bunny with no mother in sight. So I thought I was taking in a set of older guinea pigs. Instead I got a baby bunny.
He is about three weeks old in the picture.
[Image: 122048670_2936825356418575_9240417705071...e=5FD4883A]
I let Luna Bunny mum name him Boo.
[Image: 122063638_2936826479751796_2320761004069...e=5FD716C1]
He is so tiny.
[Image: 122116802_2936827406418370_1204969547816...e=5FD661A8]
Of course I had to get him some tiny bunny toys right away.
[Image: 122046006_2936828649751579_7389724415802...e=5FD5C5E5]
Can you believe how cute he is.
[Image: 122076250_2936832119751232_1997820569965...e=5FD5655E]
He fell asleep in my hand.
[Image: 122143980_2940190892748688_1326536851432...e=5FD6C9F8]
He very quickly started using a litter pan.

[Image: 125522386_3007667596001017_8243932889981...e=5FD4EDB0]
A few weeks later he has grown a lot.
[Image: 125544115_3007669099334200_5210055521327...e=5FD83B77]
Look how much his ears have grown.

[Image: 125850004_3007674049333705_8145842370746...e=5FD55301]
He is a very curious little bunny.

My little fuzzy ball of fluff is now a proper little rabbit. I am thinking he will grow to fit those big ears. So he is definitely not a dwarf bunny.
His fluffy fur is now sleek and shinny.
Anyone recognize what kind of rabbit he is?

He is a snuggle bunny. He has to sit on my lap and snuggle every night when I am on the computer. 
He gets out of his enclosure and runs around, but he always goes back. He knows where his food and litter pan are and he like to sleep in his own place. 
He runs back and forth just like Luna Bunny used to do. He is a smart little bunny. What do you bet I end up with him on the bed with me.

I hadn't planned on a bunny, but sometimes pets just happen. He is a bright spot of joy and happiness during a difficult time. We are under serious covid restrictions and everything is cancelled, but I have Boo Bunny to keep me entertained and to give me bunny snuggles. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Boo is turning into a proper rabbit.  

[Image: 128652313_3046085745492535_2758657398693...e=5FEB48A1]

You can see his fluffy tail and look how big his ears are.
I let him free roam if he wants to, as long as I am home.
He runs around and gets lots of exercise and then he sits somewhere and rests. 
He is very well behaved and I get a laugh about how he can appear and disappear without a sound.
Of course being all black I can't see him when he is in a shadow. So when he appears he does seem to come from nowhere.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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