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English rivers poisoned by cat and dog flea treatments
The cat and dog flea treatments contain highly toxic pesticides. They don't require a prescription and they are often over used when not needed at all.
These pesticides are ending up in English rivers where they are destroying vulnerable water insects. Animals who depend on those insects for food are effected badly by this.

This is a serious problem.  We forget that what goes into our water stays in our water and cause serious harm.
Toxic chemicals need to be better regulated. They should not be sold over the counter to people who do not understand how dangerous they are.
We nearly destroyed things with our careless use of DDT. Now we are doing it again with a different set of toxic chemicals. If we don't act quickly the harm will be irreversable. This isn't just a problem in England either. We are poisoning are rivers and lakes all over the world. If it isn't flea treatments, then it is something equally as toxic. It seems we learned nothing from our DDT experience.
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