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Edmonton rescue in danger of closing
Second Chance Animal Rescue Society of Edmonton has been overwhelmed with animals in need because of the pandemic. People are surrendering their pets because they can no longer manage finacially. At the same time the rescue has had to cancell its main fund raising events because of the pandemic. 
They have now run through their savings and can no longer take in new animals. They are barely holding on month to month.
They are about to launch a fund raising campaign. Their survival as a rescue is dependent on the success of this campaign.
With out more money they will have to close completely.

These are desparate times for charities. Most fundraisers depend on direct interaction with the public. Online fund raisers are not bringing in as much money.
There must be many small rescues out there that are desparate for funds. I wish I could help them all. In these difficult times, rescues like Second Chance Animal Rescue Society need all the help they can get. With so many people not working right now there are less people able to donate. I hope for the sake of the animals that their fund raising campaign is a success.
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