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Barn Buddies built shelters for feral cats.
There is a lot of information in the title.  Barn Buddies is a cat rescue group.  They are part of the Trap Neuter Release program. Some of the trapped neutered cats can be adopted. Many are just too feral. Sometimes they can be safely returned to where they were trapped and maintained there. Sometimes that is not an option. So that leaves a number of feral cats who are not coping with "captivity" and cannot return to where they were living. That is where Barn Buddies come to the rescue. They place feral cats in places where they can live feral and yet still be looked after. That means barns, factories or even garages and sheds. The cats will help with pest control so there is no need to use poison to control rats and mice. 

It is winter and Barn Buddies collects used coolers and turns them into cat shelters. Coolers are built to be insulating so they will retain heat as well as they retain cold. They are secure and waterproof so a cat can feel safe keep warm as the winter cold approaches.

The shelters are a great idea. Placing the feral cats in barns and places where they can live wild solves a really big problem. These cats would have no where else to go and many would face euthanasia.

This is a really great idea and I hope it spreads to other places where feral cats need homes.
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