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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021
We have survived another year and I think we will all be glad to see the end of 2020.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT7g36ZBuxXqWtgbmcztBj...w&usqp=CAU]   [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSG2ySv3NrkBPeVQspaG0r...A&usqp=CAc]

So members and friends of ALWF let us look forward to 2021 and hope for better things.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScpt0Azr_CKRo3KxzZSt8...w&usqp=CAU]

I am not ready to celebrate too much at this time. Things are still pretty rough all around the world. 
One thing 2021 could be known for is being the year with the most improvements. Things will get better and we will return/move forward to a new normal.
So let  us be cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be a better year for everyone.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Whew I'm lucky to live though 2020. Just last week. The 24th found out a check for a "job" was fraudulent so the bank took my money to cover the check. I'm still trying to deal with all that and talk to all involved in an attempt to catch the jerks. I don't want to say to much until or if it gets resolved.
Then the 25th while thinking about the fraud I got sick while driving. While trying to stop I had a wreck but was pushed from the car as the car wrecked. It was weird but this is a new car and I'm very unfamiliar still. I couldn't put the car in park cause I was trying to use my left hand as I held my right over my mouth. I went for the window and unlocked the door instead so I leaned out and loss my balance falling out of the car. I hopped up to try to reach back in but all I could get was the door and I didn't want to risk being dragged so I slammed the door. Then went the car jumping over a mini cliff landing and getting stuck on a long the length of my SUV. I called my husband crying and then my mom crying. It took an hour to get the car out which involved a chain saw. My stepdad, father-in-law, mom, and husband came to my rescue to help cut down the log my SUV was stuck on. The front wheels weren't touching the ground. We had to clear out the brush around it as well. It took my husband and his dad pushing, me driving my SUV, my stepdad pulling with his truck and my mom in he back of the truck to get it out. The car is somehow ok with just some plastic on the bottom that covers the engine and plastic on the front bumper. The tires wheels, metal, and paint are fine, just dirty. I'm ok as well but I do have a nice bruise on my left thigh where the car hit me as I fell because it started moving and my knee hit the ground when I fell out. I had a bruise on my left eye and a cut across my head but I don't know when that happened. I can't recommend the Nissan Rogue enough after what it pulled and came out with just cosmetic damage. I love this car. I also have a barf bucket I keep in the car now.
Then the 26th I locked myself and the dog I was sitting out of their apartment. Leasing office didn't open for 2 more hours so I walked around to stay warm but called my mom crying for the 2nd day in a row. Also the sitting was in Nashville and the leasing office had AT&T so that RV explosion cut out their ability to look up phone number or call anyone. So the lady can't let me in without the owners ok. I'm basically brain dead at this point so I go get my mom who had come to let me and the dog sit in her car. She reminds me that we both have Verizon so we go back to the leasing office and my mom explains what all I had been though the last 3 days and I asked if I called the owner would she talk to her. She says yes, that she would recognize her voice. YAY!! BUT she doesn't answer. I'm crying at this point and the lady in the leasing office takes pity on me and since it was extenuating circumstances. She met me at the apartment door to unlock the door. I showed her my purse and keys and put them on me, put the dog up, and thanked her tremendously as we walked back to the elevator.
Needless to say Christmas was rough for me.

Here's hoping 2021 doesn't try to kill me. I also hope everyone had a better Christmas then me.
48 Wow, you finished 2020 off in a spectacularly terrible way. Big sigh of relief that you and the car are okay even if you are a bit banged up. 
That is a tough little car and I am so glad you are alright.
I thought about you when the explosion happened and I figured you were not near the place. You must all be stressed out by that event. 
No wonder you locked yourself out. Your whole state must be on edge. I am glad your mother figured out a solution and you were able to get in.

That is nasty that someone's check didn't didn't go through. That leaves you in trouble and sometimes banks charge you for the problem.
I hope that can get sorted out.

You need 2021 to be a peaceful year with less drama and more fun. At this point it will be enough if you are safe and nothing bad happens.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQu1DOVErEBB8y28brCsIO...w&usqp=CAU]

It can only get better from here.

My Christmas and New Years has been very quiet. I have been sitting here with  a bunny on my feet. Not much can happen  when you stay home and snuggle a bunny.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2021 will bring better things.

[Image: new-year-bring-you-happiness-peace.jpg]
I love your message. It is hopeful. This is a new year and it is full of promise. Many things will get better and we will all be there to enjoy them.

We should have had fireworks, but most places didn't do fireworks. Next year, big fireworks for sure!
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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