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Dog left for dead is returned to adoption shelter.
Over 10 years ago Trooper was adopted at the Perry County Humane Society of Illinois. That is the last they heard of him until a call from  a Missouri animal shelter.
Trooper was found close to death and taken to the Missouri shelter. He was microchipped and the Perry County Humane Society was called. They took Trooper back and he is being cared for. 
The shelter was able to contact the adoptive owner. It seems she moved so she just gave the dog away and never checked to see if he was alright. It is unknown where he has been or what has happened to him. She never bothered to contact the shelter when she moved. They would have taken Trooper back. They are always willing to take an animal back for any reason.
Trooper will not be put up for adoption, not after all he has been through.   He will be kept in foster care where he can be looked after.

This could have ended much worse. Trooper's life was saved by the microchip.  Because of the microchip the original shelter claimed him and took over his care.
So microchips do save lives. Also there was never any need to abandon or give away Trooper. The original shelter would always have been willing to take him back.
When you take on a pet you make a commitment. If something happens and you can't fulfill the commitment at very least the shelter should have been given a chance to take the animal back.  It worked out for Trooper in the end, but who knows if there are other animals that have not been so lucky.
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I am glad that Trooper ended up okay. I imagine the foster home will be his "forever home" now?

All he wanted was a little kindness, food, some fun and a good bed. It was irresponsible and unloving of the woman not to even bother to check on him after she gave him away. Surely you'd want to know how your dog was getting on?
Well...maybe not in this case.
Yes his foster home is his forever home. He deserves the best. Why do people give their pets away when they are moving? You pet will be willing to go with you.
If she absolutely couldn't take Trooper she should have contacted the shelter. I agree that when she rehomed him she should have wanted to know how he was doing. She just dumped him on anyone. How do you live with a pet so long and then stop caring? Maybe she never did care.

At least Trooper gets to live out the rest of his life as a happy cared for dog.
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What a sad story! But at least he is back in safe hands again.

I may be missing something, but maybe you know, Catherine: when the lady gave her dog away, did she not even ask who the new person was or where s/he lived?! I assume that the answer is no, as otherwise the last human to (not) care for the dog could be traced and prosecuted for neglect. In that case, it is neglect all round, except for the wonderful refuge which is now caring for him again.
It sounds like she just gave the dog away. She didn't even change his microchip registration. If she had dumped him he could have ended up at a shelter and found help sooner. Who knows what the poor dog suffered in the years he was not cared for.  Rehoming is not so easy. It takes a responsible person giving the pet to another responsible person. Anything less risks a mess like what happened to Trooper.
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