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Western Monarch population is nearly gone
The winter Monarch count in California was heartbreaking. In some places there were no Monarchs. In  the places that did have monarchs, there were hundreds, not the usual thousands. The numbers are so low that if drastic action is not taken the western population of Monarchs will cease to exist.

Why are the numbers so low?
It is the usual causes, habitat loss and use of pesticides. The Monarchs are not the only ones effected, but they are the most noticeable.
Acting to save the Monarchs is acting to save whole environments. Life is interconnected and the loss of the Monarchs is more than the loss of one species.
Action must be taken now to save these beautiful creatures from extinction. Once they are gone, it is too late. We must stop the use of pesticides. They do so much harm to the environment. We need to plant milkweed and anything else that will help save the butterflies. Without deliberate effort on our part the Monarchs will be gone soon. I hope there are enough people in the area willing and able to help.
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The cause is almost certainly the widespread use in the USA of neonicotinoids. These pesticides are banned in the EU, but sadly the UK Conservative Government has now allowed their limited use again. It was previously bound by the EU ban, but following Brexit has allowed use again.

"The higher the amount of neonicotinoids applied, the fewer the number of butterflies, the researchers found." See:

The USA and the UK seem to be world leaders in the continuing use of these harmful substances.
It is unbelievable that they still defend the use of neonicotinoids. There is more than enough evidence that they cause harm to pollinators. 
We don't even know yet what long term harm they might cause to humans.  

The Monarchs are racing towards extinction because of widespread pesticide use, in particular, Noenicitinoids. Why would the UK allow their use again. 
They already know and have admitted they are harmful. The irony is that the harmful pesticide is being used to help the sugar beet crop, a crop that produces sugar, a source of serious health problems in humans. In every way possible we are poisoning ourselves. It is just sad that we are determined to poison much of the environment as well.

I haven't given up on the Monarchs. Toronto banned pesticides years ago, declared itself a Bee City and Torontonians plant  gardens for pollinators. I have Milkweed growing in every garden in which  I have any planting authority.  I also spread the seed around so there is more milkweed every year. I am one of many people planting milkweed so we have created a place for the Monarchs. There is also a movement to plant native plants that do better in our environment and provide for the needs of wild pollinators. We are fighting a serious battle against toxic pesticides, habitat loss and climate change. However if enough people do the right thing we can still save the Monarchs and our other pollinators.
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