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Primate sanctuary in Texas storms loses power and then animals
I am sure we have posted about this sanctuary before and the great  work they do for retired chimps and other former research animals.
I know I posted about the Texas cold spell yesterday and the cold shocked turtles.  
This time it is Primarily Primates in San Antonio that is in trouble.  As the temperatures were plunging, the power was lost. Staff and volunteers worked to keep the animals warm. Then they evacuated the ones they could. Sadly some animals were already dead. A beautiful older chimp, Violet was among the deceased. 
San Antonio Zoo is currently housing a number of animals for the sanctuary on an emergency basis. Some animals, like the chimps would have been too difficult to move so staff and volunteers are staying with them. They are being kept warm with heaters and generators.

Hopefully the weather improves and the sanctuary has no more losses. This is exceptionally cold weather for Texas. There is no way anyone is prepared for this. 
The sanctuary has heaters and generators, but not enough for a cold spell like this. They are prepared to survive a major heat wave.  That they might expect.
The whole state is struggling with the weather. It is just very sad that so many animals were lost.
Violet was special and her loss is is hard take.

You really have to respect the efforts of the staff, volunteers and everyone else who are working to save the animals still at the sanctuary. 
I wish them all the best in their efforts.
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