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Horses become friends with hungry wild rabbits.
It seems that the weather is bad everywhere this winter. The wild rabbits in Scotland in search of food have been checking out horse stables. The horses are willing to share their hay with a few rabbits. Some of them have even formed friendships.

The world is a hungry place and animals will seek food where ever they can get it. For a rabbit a warm barn with piles of hay must seem like a dream come true. The world can be a lonely place and I think there are more strange friendships out there than we can imagine. For a horse on its own with lots of food, having little rabbit visitors to share that food must be fun. They are cute and entertaining. We love to watch rabbits. Why wouldn't a horse love to watch rabbits. They certainly look happy together. The rabbits probably like the horse too. They can get food without hanging around, but they do. They have even let the horse lick them.

Maybe there are many more animal friendships around than we know about. They seem to happen in a lot of different places. We are not the only ones who like the companionship of other animals.
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