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Dogs end up in icy waters.
A number of quick thinking owners have saved their pets after they fell through the ice into cold water.

This one did not have a happy ending.

This rescue took more people, but the dog is well.

These may only seem to be loosely related, but think about it. In every case the animal has ended up in danger from cold water.
Every year there are stories like this. Usually there is at least one owner who dies trying to save the dog.
When something keeps happening it is no longer a random accident. It is something we should be trying to prevent. Dogs will run out onto the ice. They end up falling in and sometimes they are not rescued in time.  Knowing how dogs act, surely the owner can use a leash or keep the dog very near by.  A very long rope attached to a harness would make it possible to pull the dog to safety. There must be some way to stop this from happening. Certainly no one should go into a fast moving river to rescue a dog, unless they have special equipment. 

Like dogs dying in hot cars, this is predictable and therefore preventable.
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