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Caring for disabled pets
In recent years people have been keeping disabled pets and caring for their special needs. Many types of mobility aids are available for dogs and other pets. 
The work of the veterinarian is more complex now. They have a role to play in teaching people how to care for a special needs pet. Depending on the injury some very specialized care might be needed. For example, a paralyzed dog might need its bladder emptied regularly.  Care of the wheelchair and ensuring the pet's
comfort in the chair are very important. It is important for the owners and the vet to work together to give the pet the best life possible.

Special needs pets are the best and we can give them the best life possible. 
It is a different world. Pets used to have to be perfect or people didn't want them. Now pets with all kinds of needs are being given their pest life possible.
With all the different kinds of wheel chairs  available a dog or any other pet can have a happy active life. I have had paralyzed bearded dragons and they have done well. Henry used to drag himself around the room and he even tried to climb my Christmas tree. His life wasn't long, but it was happy.  
There is something special about caring for an animal that has needs. You are much closer in some ways. My little deformed snake, Jake Krinkle Snake, was very special. He needed help shedding and when he was younger he needed help pooping. We were close. When he finally was able to crawl a little I was proud of him. It took him half an hour to cross the room, but he made it. I think our willingness to care for special needs pets is a sign that our understanding of pets has changed. It is not just about us wanting a pet. Sometimes it is about the pet needing us. 
Even rescuing a perfect pet is about the pet needing us. That is as important as us needing the pet.

I never figured out how to get wheels for Jake, but he did okay without them.
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