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lions vs tigers
Which of these two largest feline species do you admire more? Both are impressive cats. The African lion is my favorite big cat but I'm impressed by the cougar and black leopard also. The lion is a turn-off to some because some think the male (with that majestic and kingly mane) never hunts. The male lion may need to assist the lionesses on large kills but will make kills without females on a few occasions.

Some say the tiger is larger, braver and more fierce. Tigers seem more scary to me than lions, which can be quite tame under certain circumstances.

This Kevin Richardson pets lions as if they were big friendly Labs:
I guess I don't compare animals in this way. Lions and Tigers both fill a niche as apex predator in their own ecosystems. Both are needed and both fill their own niche as they have evolved to do. They have different ways of doing things because they live in very different habitats. Tigers are very much a solitary creature. Lions live in family groups. That would make them very different. Not better or worse, just different.

I do have a special love of the Cougar who are native to my country. I have never seen one in the wild, but I did see fairly fresh tracks. It must have passed by just before we reached the area.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I think lions can be more easily tamed because they are social like dogs (pack animals) to begin with. 
I have never looked into whether lions tame more easily than tigers. I know the big cats can seem to be tame and yet they never really are. As with many wild species that are seemingly tamed, at some point there are problems. The animal is still a wild animal and can suddenly act like a wild animal.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It just seems like there are many more tame lions than tigers. I suspect that the lion is a social animal lends itself to taming better than tigers. For some reason, tigers seem fiercer in the wild than even lions.
I think you are right that there are more lions in captivity and more lions tamed. Tigers are very solitary so they can't be kept in a group. In the same amount of space you can keep one tiger or a set of lions. Lions seem to breed well in captivity. It is posible that tigers are more intesely feral.
I don't know if anyone has seriously studied this.
I have never heard of anyone keeping a pet Cougar. I don't think they tame very well either.
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