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Dog poisoning in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has been having a problem with a dog poisoner(s) since the 1990s. Over 200 dogs have been effected. Some of them die.
Mia Fong's beloved dog Gamma ate some of the poison laced meat that was left out and sadly he died.  To deal with her loss and to help others, Mia has  formed a group that patrols paths and parks looking for the poisoned food that has been left out.  They put up public information posters. They are determined to prevent further losses.

It is sad that it took the loss of a beloved pet before  anything is being done to stop a poisoner who has worked for decades. If Mia Fong had known there was a danger she could have protected her dog. Now through her efforts dog owners will be warned. Perhaps the police should be doing more. Until they do, dog owners will have to help each other  and be vigilant.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a horrible thing for someone to do! Poison is never a "kind" death. It's hard to believe that someone could harbour such hatred for dogs for such a long time.

It is good that Mia Fong is doing her best. And I hope many people will join her to help.

Once I found poisoned meat in a field here. It wasn't intended for dogs I am sure, but most likely for rodents (rats?) It was laced with blue pellets which looked like Warfarin. Anyway I got rid of it safely. ANY animal could have got that, feral cats, meat eating birds, and possibly even dogs. Even a dog who was just ahead of someone who was walking with it could have eaten it and the owner would never know what happened.
That  one bit of poisoned meat you found could have killed a number of animals. If it gets into the food chain,  it just keeps on killing. 
Poison is a nasty way to deal with anything. Death from poison is usually pretty horrible. 

I do hope they catch the poisoner in Hong Kong. Until then, it is good that there are patrols out there looking for the poison. Maybe someone on patrol will spot the poisoner or find some evidence that  leads to him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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