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The Canadian Seal Hunt 2021
Humane Society International is calling for the Canadian Government to ban the spring seal hunt this year. The ice is thin this year and many pups will die because the ice will melt before they can survive in the water. Hunting the pups in a year of high mortality puts the whole species at risk.

The  Department of Fisheries and Oceans has responded to HSI and rejected their request.

The DFO claims it is a responsible, sustainable "harvest". What they do not address is the cruelty of the hunt.

Ultimately the hunt is a horrific act of cruelty against helpless baby seals. There is no justification for it and no way to clean it up and make it a sustainable, responsible hunt. It is brutal animal cruelty that has gone on way too long.

Every aspect of the hunt throughout the years has been an act of cruelty. I can't think of any way  clubbing a baby seal can be considered an acceptable action. 
There is no way it should be allowed and the government that.  Most Canadians do not support the hunt and the government knows that. So when will the government do something to stop the slaughter....the government doesn't know that.
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