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How to prevent birds from hitting your windows
Every year thousands of birds die after hitting our beautiful clear windows. Beautiful clear windows that birds cannot see it turns out.
In 1990, Michael Mesure founded Fatal Light Awareness Program.  Their volunteers monitor the number of birds that strike  tall buildings in Toronto. 
Birds hit windows everywhere and they hit windows in every type of building.
To stop this, there needed to be ways to make windows visible to birds. There are some ways to do this. The method used would depend on the type of window and what method a person is comfortable with. The important thing is to make as many windows bird safe as possible.

Some of these ideas are very good.  I am sure at least on of them would work depending on the type of window. I like the paint the windows idea. It could be done differently from one season to the next. Maybe painted on stencils would work.  I wonder if chalk, even spray on chalk would work.  Something needs to be done. Too many birds die each year. A little creative effort on our part could change that.
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