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Very Sad News :(
Was doing my usual topping up the hamsters with food and some cucumber and I was putting the dry food into Captain Barnacle's cage and I noticed that he hadn't poked his head out. He always does that when he hears his food being poured into the tray. I tapped the top of his cardboard house and still no sign. So, I lifted the house and found him dead inside. Smiley19Smiley19

Captain was my son's hamster and we aren't sure how we are going to tell him. We figured we would leave it until after school tomorrow, and to tell him when his sister isn't around because she will get very upset and may make him worse. We have no idea how he will react. For the moment I have wrapped him up in tissue and put him inside a biscuit box and put inside the freezer until tomorrow.

RIP Captain Barnacles. Such a quiet little hamster who was no trouble at all. Gonna miss the little guy/girl...
I am sorry to hear about Captain Barnacle.62 He died the way he lived, very quietly and with no fuss. He was a sweet little hamster. Heart

My sympathies to your son. I still remember you getting Captain Barnacle for him and the naming and everything and it really seems like just yesterday. I hope he is not too upset. Can you have a little burial in the garden to remember Captain Barnacle as the really fine hamster that he was.
I guess you daughter will be upset as well.
I don't know if it is a comfort, but he had a really good life as a hamster and you gave him everything he needed. His life was short, but it was a life well lived.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Dear Captain Barnacle. I am sorry for your sudden loss of him. Heart

All animals do pass over into a lovely place, as all animals have Souls. There really is a "Rainbow Bridge" for them! I found that out from my dog, Misty.

So he is not 'dead', although he has left this world.

If he feels like it, your son could do a page in tribute to Captain Barnacle of the "Rainbow Bridge" section here? With pictures, poems, stories, whatever he would like to write in tribute for him.

Blessings Captain Barnacle. Run free in beautiful grassy places with all your friends, Faeries, Angels, and other Hamsters Angel
I picture a field of hamsters running and chasing and sharing all their favourite treats. Captain Barnacle can join all my little hamsters that crossed the Rainbow Bridge ahead of us.
He may be gone, but he is remembered fondly.Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

He was absolutely heartbroken. We weren't sure what his reaction was going to be but we did not expect that. It took us a very long time to calm him down. He seems to be over the worst of it now. He did ask for another hamster and I had to tell him no but I have told him that when my Nethie Doe has her babies next week, he can pick out one he likes as a pet and it will be his special little bunny. He seemed to go for that.

I like to think of Captain running with my recently departed animals, like Bonnie, Shaddow, King Tut to name just a few. Run free xxx
I am sorry your son was so upset. That first loss is the hardest. It is a real shock.
I hope having a bunny makes him feel better. I am glad he wanted another pet. It is always for the best to keep going and love another pet. I think it keeps us for closing up after being hurt.

I think the Rainbow Bridge has been busy and there is a whole party of happy pets running free just waiting for us to join them.
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