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Alpaca Yoga
Yes, there is Alpaca Yoga. An Alpaca farm in Ontario has teamed up with a yoga instructor. They offer yoga sessions in a pasture surrounded by Alpacas.
The Alpacas are very mellow about it. People come with their children and the children love seeing the Alpacas. They enjoy the experience because of the Alpacas and they look forward to doing the yoga. Everyone has a good time, even the Alpacas. They seem to enjoy their visitors.

I am sure the yoga classes  are good for you, but spending time outside surrounded by beautiful Alpacas is probably a much better experience.
Breathing fresh air and being outside in the sunshine while surrounded by gentle creatures would be a refreshing experience. It gives families a chance to do something together. 

I am beginning to think that there are quite a few Alpacas in Ontario and other parts of Canada. There are more videos after the yoga one and there are Alpacas in them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a nice idea! I bet the Alpacas appreciate the calm energies of the people  who are doing yoga.

When  saw the title, I thought it meant "Yoga for Alpacas" ! haha Smiley4    Though I am sure Alpacas would welcome the iidea...?
I always think the same thing when they list things like goat yoga.
It probably is a good experience for everyone, people and alpacas. The calm energy of a yoga group would pleasant for the animals. They seem to like people and the people like them.

It keeps the children busy while the parents enjoy the yoga experience. Children love being around animals.

Everybody has a good time.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I somehow missed this thread previously. What an original and fascinating initiative! Is this a world first, I wonder? I have never heard of anything like this before.
It is definitely the first Alpaca Yoga I have ever heard of.  There are other kinds of yoga with animals.

Goat yoga is the most common I think. They could be pretty lively. I think the Alpacas are more mellow. They seem calm and comfortable with people exercising around them. I am sure they make the people feel more relaxed.

I don't do yoga, but the bunny always joined me when I did my exercises. He did make it more fun.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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