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Heating and A/C for dog houses in America
Name a good dog house with automatic temperature-controlled energy-efficient summer cooling/winter heating for the American dog owner supply market. This would be for two large dogs (German shepherd, retriever) housed together.  What is an ideal temp setting for the dog house interior? The dog house should have a pet-entrance door and be able to open up easily for cleaning and maintenance.
I don't know about such things, I am afraid. Our dogs have always lived in the house with us. Couldn't you have the dogs in your house?
I'm expecting replies only from people knowledgeable about such things. No, keeping the dogs inside the house for prolonged periods unattended is not an option for me, a single working person. They need outdoors for exercise and toilet use. The German shepherd also has to guard the yard. I will not pay for pet sitting services and my rule is dogs are not allowed unattended inside the house unless they are puppies penned up to prohibit having run of the home.  An outdoor kennel keeps my home from getting messed while away during the day.
I am not sure how to answer  this. I have never heard of an air conditioned dog house.  I guess I am with LPC. I would want my dogs in the house.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I will go to a hunting dog forum and maybe ask there. Most owners of hounds and retrievers keep their dogs kenned outside. They may have climate-controlled provisions for their custom-built dog houses. In North America there can be scorching summer desert heat or winter snow blizzards depending upon where one lives.
I would also have my kennel well-shaded and a wading pool with a drain built in so dogs can take a dip during hot weather.
I live in Canada, so I know about weather.  I am not up on hunting dogs or anything to do with hunting. Any animals in my life, share my home with me. 
That is why it is a home.
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