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Tiny dog defends child from coyote attack
When I say tiny dog, I mean tiny. Macy is a Yorkie. She was walking with a ten year old girl in the suburbs when a coyote attacked them. It was daytime so the attack was unexpected. The girl ran screaming and the Yorkie stood up to the Coyote. There is a video of the battle. The coyote did injure the little dog, but in the end the coyote ran off and the dog actually chased after it, barking.
Macy did require emergency surgery, but she did make and she will recover.
The little girl was not hurt.

It is incredible to see the bravery of this little dog. The coyote has the dog in its jaws and she gets free. She doesn't run from the coyote. She continues the fight even though she is outmatched and is getting hurt. When the coyote finally runs, the dog actually does go after it. As far as she is concerned she won that fight. 
In many ways she did. The little girl was not hurt and the little dog survived.
Macy is one brave little dog with a big heart full of love for her little girl.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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