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Family forced to rehome pet mini pig and the move killed him
A Family  in Chilliwack BC took in a 12 week old mini pig in 2019. Hamson is now 70 pounds and lives in their home and plays in their yard. He is one of the family.
A complaint from a neighbour led to calls from Animal Control. According to bylaws, livestock is not allowed in the city. When he tried to rehome Hamson local farms wouldn't take him because he is a pet and not livestock. The nearest place he could find was 3 hours away. He delivered Hamson to them and left him there.
He died three hours later because of the stress of the move.

Hamson really was a mini pig. At 70 pounds he was smaller than a lot of perfectly legal dogs. He was no trouble and he lived in the home as a pet.
He should have been allowed to stay with his family. His death is the result of the neighbor's complaint. 
The bylaws need to be improved so a mini pig can be recognized as a pet. This sad event should not have happened. Hamson should be happily living out his life with his family. 
Work is being done to change the bylaws in Hamson's name so his loss will not be in vain.
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