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Milk from abused cows to be destroyed
This is a follow-up to the BC cow abuse case.

There are actually three interviews and they are all worth listening to.

I do not know if this is going to help the cows any, but it does mean that the story is not going away.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I think it is definitely a good move for Saputo to cut ties with Chilliwack right now. This all shows the power of social media, and especially the petition, which got about 100,000 signatures in only a few days. It goes to show that the 'consumer' and the general public have strong voices and can speak out for change, and they will be listened to very quickly.

I dislike waste generally, but destroying the milk puts out a powerful message, and Saputo, being a huge company and household name is really helping the cause, I believe.
Animal cruelty will not be tolerated in the industry. I am glad to hear so many people have backed this. It will make a big mark on conditions for the future...and may even possibly be the beginning of other welfare considerations for factory-farm animals?

Oh, and a huge thanks to the whistleblower on that farm...and to the people who organised the petition.
You are right about the petition. Social media got it out there and 100,000 people responded. We the public now have power. We can make our views heard and companies respond to us.

I hope this is a beginning of changes in industry standards. If people won't tolerate current industry standards then the standards must change.

The whistle blowers are heroes. I hope history remembers them as such.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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