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Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary
Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary takes in dogs at the end of their lives and gives them a final home. It is not a shelter with cages, it is a home where they can live in peace for the time they have left. Dogs come to the sanctuary for various reasons. Often an owner has died or had to go to a nursing home. Some were actually abandoned in their final years.
The idea of the sanctuary was born when the founder's father died of cancer. He left behind and older Doberman. She was unable to take him at the time. Fortunately a home was found where he could live out the last 18 months of his life.
The situation inspired her to create a place so other dogs could receive end of life care.
Now it is a thriving sanctuary with over 60 dogs. Some are there for a few years and some only have a few months. All live a happy life and know they are loved to the end.

This is a beautiful idea. Sometimes pets just need somewhere to go for their final days. It would be the saddest thing for an elderly beloved pet to end its days in a cage because its owner died and there is no one to care for it.  It would bring peace of mind to a dying pet owner to know someone is able to take their pet.
Abandoned elderly pets should not have to adjust to shelter life. They deserve a loving home. All dogs deserve to live in a loving home for their final days.
In every way Whispering Willows is a beautiful thing.
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Great idea! I am so glad that this charity is doing such wonderful work for dogs in the last part of their lives on earth.
It is a beautiful idea, isn't it. I am sure many dogs have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in peace because of her.
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I love these rescues that do the seniors,our local animal shelter has a section for elderly cats that were housed after their owners passed away,they have sofas in there for them and beds they have volunteers that go in and pet them.
That is really beautiful that your local shelter has an old cat section. It is hard for an older pet who has lost their owner. They would not adjust well to a young family and a new home. Having a space with comfy furniture and loving volunteers would at least give them a peaceful place to live.

I love the old dog rescue. Where is an old dog going to go. Not too many people can adopt an older pet. Sometimes they need a special shelter.
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