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New guinea pigs maybe? Yes!
I have a feeling I am going to be rescuing a mother daughter pair of skinny pigs. It looks like they are going to need a home. Unless something changes I will bring them home on Saturday. So Boris will no longer be an only guinea pig. They would live in Boo Bunny's enclosure. It has been sitting clean and empty since Boo  died last winter. It is perfect for two guinea pigs. They would be able to see Boris and talk to him. That would be nice for him. 
I am assuming they are coming home so I will set things up got them. I will let you know what happens.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Keep us posted!
The girls are home. They are a mother/daughter pair of skinny pigs. I have them in the big enclosure. I gave them hay pellets and a plate of veggies. It has been an hour and they are still eating frantically. They didn't even stop to look around. They saw food and the rushed it.
Someone I know got the two girls and was excited about getting them. She was not so excited about looking after them. I think there were probably many times when they had no food and had to wait until someone thought of feeding them.

They are with me now and they are going to get more food than they know what to do with for the rest of their lives. 
[Image: 251879753_3991403470960753_8445090490235...e=6192A5BA]
They are so funny looking without hair.
[Image: 252247560_3991405380960562_2296267395847...e=6192CC79]
They didn't even explore, they just started eating.

[Image: 250163125_3991407804293653_2901246686111...e=61936422]

Mum is shy, she dragged some of her food into the house.
[Image: 252230992_3991408870960213_1609029419774...e=61929B62]

They are beside themselves with all the food they have.

[Image: 249424996_3991410987626668_1976455908088...e=619205ED]
There is hay too and they can't resist that.
[Image: 251844318_3991413280959772_7058900410964...e=61932E9D]

Now they are taking turns between hay and veggies.

[Image: 249039305_3991415610959539_3626186973427...e=6193EC46]

They are still eating.
Just wait until they see the plate of veggies in the morning.
Wait until they realize that the hay and pellets are an unlimited supply and they never  run out.

I have them on fleece blankets. It will be warmer and softer on their skin. 
I might need to make some fuzzy jumpers for them from old socks. 
Life for the girls just got a whole lot better.

Now I need names.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

M is for mother - so Monica?
D is for daughter - so Denise?

Just came into my head...but of course the honour of choice of names is all yours. Those skinny pigs have got lucky, now that they are with you.
I am still getting to know them so naming is totally open to suggestion. Mom looks like a hippo and daughter looks like an aardvark.
Monica and Denise, let me look at them and think about it. I like the names and the logic of it makes sense.


I just had a little talk with the girls and we like the names. So Monica and Denise it is.

They will do much better with me. Guinea pigs are as much of a commitment as a dog. They need certain amounts of care every day. I am already feeding Boris. I just have to cut more veggies.  I do wish people would learn what a pet requires before they bring it home. If cutting many plates of veggies is not something you want to do, then don't get a guinea pig.  I have them on nice soft blankets. They will be warmer and it won't irritate their skin. I may need to cut up an old sock and make jumpers for them. Skinny pigs have more needs than regular guinea pigs. 

They are so cute and very responsive to me. I think they are going to do very well and be quite friendly.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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