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Coyote feeding leads to trouble
In the west end of Toronto someone has been putting out food for the coyotes and now they are becoming frequent visitors to the area.  There are coyotes in Toronto in our river valleys and ravines. Food that lures them into areas of schools, playgrounds and homes is putting everyone at risk. In particular the coyotes are at risk. They will have conflicts with people and they can end up getting killed.

The same think happened in Vancouver at Stanley Park. Those coyotes ended up being culled. The food led to their deaths.  The coyotes are native to the area and they know how to find food. They don't need us to feed them.

It is a case of mistaken kindness. People think they are helping wild animals when they feed then, but they are actually putting their lives at risk. I work in that area so now I have to watch out for coyotes when I go to work. I just hope  the coyotes are not harmed because of this situation.
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