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Warning: avoid xylitol products if you have a dog
I recently saw this page mentioned on another forum. I think that it is so important that I mention it here:

Xylitol is present in a large number of products, edible or not. Kindly note from the above mentioned page that different animals react to xylitol in different ways, and also in different ways from humans (things which those who experiment on animals often choose to overlook). So if you eat or use something with xylitol in it, please keep it well away from a dog's reach at all times. Otherwise, the result could be fatal.
Thank you so much for this information, LPC!

Yes Xylitol is very toxic for dogs, and is in many sugar-free sweets.
There are so many hazards for animals (some of them deadly!) in human foods -even 'healthy option' foods.

It would be a great idea to compose a list of all known foods which are particularly harmful for dogs....
Tobi has now written her list of products which are toxic for dogs. Please see the new sticky thread: "List of products dangerous for dogs. Please read carefully!" in the dog section of this forum.
I am going to start reading labels even more carefully. I would hate to accidentally give something toxic to a pet. Our foods have so many additives that it is better if you can make your own stuff from scratch.
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