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It cost their lives to help the dogs
This is a Rainbow Bridge post for three brave Ukrainian volunteers who died to help dogs. Heart

Many blessings to these three determined and brave people:
Anastasiia Yalanskaya, 26, Serhiy Ustymenko, 25 and Maxym Kuzmenko, 28.

On Thursday they managed to deliver dog food to a shelter near Kyiv, where the dogs had been without food for three days, when their car was deliberately targeted with heavy weaponry by Russian troops.

Bless their Souls for making this awful journey and helping the dogs before they passed.

[Image: ?]
[Image: t2313.gif] Words fail me.
We have lost three beautiful animal lovers. They were willing to risk their lives to help starving shelter animals and sadly they were killed for it.
We know they were targeted  along with many other civilians. I hope some day there is a reckoning for that.

For now all we can do is honor their bravery and sacrifice. They knew how dangerous things were and still they acted. 
I think that is the most extreme act of courage possible. I hope some day there is a memorial to them. What they did should ever be remembered.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

These three noble people acted bravely to save the lives of starving dogs, but sadly lost their own lives as a result. Tragic, but also an outrageous slaughter of three innocent civilians.
Sadly many civilians have been targeted. I am looking at pictures of a children's hospital/maternity hospital that was targeted. We don't know yet how many died.
War is ugly, but this war is particularly bad.
The three brave animal lovers are part of a larger loss of life.
Every day when I think I have heard the worst, something else that is worse happens.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It is obvious in the last few days that the targeting of vulnerable innocent civilians has been quite deliberate. A hospital where mothers are giving birth! And many other such examples.

Meanwhile, although many who flee are taking their animals with them, there are many who aren't. Sometimes it isn't possible in those "humanitarian corridors" where promises are cynically broken and people are being shelled as they try to escape.

Dogs, cats, and other animals are wandering lost and afraid and utterly abandoned. Some I have learned, in order to escape, are tipping their animals out on the streets where they will starve or be shot. Maybe it's because they have too many to take them? Maybe it's because they don't care and only want to save their own lives? Maybe it's because they are under afflictions we can't imagine.

Thank heavens for brave and dedicated animal  rescuers who are working hard to try to help them. Some will be saved. And hopefully shipped to safety.
It is possible some of the animals are out there because their people have been killed.  This situation is a crisis on so many levels.
People and animals all over the country are in need of help. Sadly some of the rescuers will be killed like the brave three who just wanted to deliver food to starving animals.

Quote:Thank heavens for brave and dedicated animal  rescuers who are working hard to try to help them. Some will be saved. And hopefully shipped to safety.

We may never know the names of all the people out there trying to help, but we can honor and respect them for what they are doing.
They are real heroes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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