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16 horses die in the same stable in one week
Sixteen horses took sick and died in a matter of days in the same stable. It is thought that it was the haylage and that it was contaminated with botulism.
There was no antitoxin available in the country because it is thought that there is no botulism present. Clearly that is not true.

This is a terrible situation. So many people lost their horses and have nothing left, but large vets bills. 
I don't understand all the details about the hat, surely if it looked off, it shouldn't have been used. After one horse took sick they should have stopped using the hay.
The stable should also have had some kind of insurance to cover the vets bills.

There should be botulism anti toxin available everywhere. Botulism can come in with badly canned goods and does not need to be present in the local soil. 
It is a bacteria that is everywhere and very hard to kill. If they had a supply of anti toxin some of the horses could have been saved. It is a very sad situation that should not have happened and could at least have been less bad with the right treatment.
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