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Bear hibernation, an amazing phenomena
This is a long article, but it is worth it. It examines bear hibernation in detail and does make some interesting links to human health.

However they do it, bears are able to shut things down for months and then wake up alert and able to function. They don't eat or drink and they move very little.
They do not suffer any bodily harm such as bone loss. We do not fully understand how they do it. It is being studied.
There is a lot of potential good to come from understanding hibernation.

Years ago I bred dwarf hamsters. They also hibernate. They had never been exposed to the outside, but their hibernation was always linked to the outside weather.
The length of the hibernation was linked to the length of the winter. They barely ate of drank anything during the hibernation period. Sadly if a female gave birth while hibernation she didn't nurse the babies. I don't think they even produced milk. Older hamsters would settle in for the long sleep and never wake up. Nothing I did could influence it. They responded to the weather.
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