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Pig Rescue Story
Not all rescue stories end up with a happily ever after ending. We wish there was no need for any pigs to find themselves in a situation whereas they're unwanted, unloved, uncared for, abused, neglected or abandoned. However, they are and this happens more often than you likely know. If you use social media and are a part of any pig groups, you will see pigs that need a new home every single day. We receive private messages, emails, posts to our page, comments on unrelated threads and tags every single day. 

There is not an overwhelming market for pigs, and even if there is, the market for unwanted pigs far surpasses it. Please consider adopting a pig in need before paying hundred or thousands of dollars for the same kind of pig. There are no micro pigs, no teacup pigs. No breeder has been able to consistently produce healthy pigs that will be as small as most claim. Are there smaller pigs? Of course, but they aren't the normal, they're the exception. Because most of these piglets are being born from immature pigs, looking at the parents honestly does no good unless there is undisputed documented proof of the age, diet, veterinary records and pictures. Even that is easy to photoshop or misrepresent. Many many people have been victimized by these methods of dishonesty. These stories are the outcome of either uneducated, misled, or uncaring people who have decided a pig is too much work, they moved to an area that doesn't allow pigs, had a baby, got married, or the novelty has worn off, or the pig grew too big, untrained, intact, behavioral issues, so many excuses, its not even worth it to list them all. So, lets focus on happier times. These are real stories of rescue. These stories come from our Facebook page where we asked for rescue stories that we could share on our website. Please remember, these pigs aren't broken, they're likely misunderstood, nonetheless, ALL have been betrayed by someone who claims to have loved them so much and broke that promise when the pig became inconvenient. I do not know that ALL of these pigs were purchased for thousands of dollars and then given away or surrendered or simply rehomed, but I do know that these pigs likely came from some of the breeders who charge lots of money for the same pigs pictured and discussed here. Adopt, don't shop!
Sadly many people have bought what they thought were mini pigs. When the pig got larger, they were not allowed to keep it in their city because of bylaws.
It is usually a rescue or a sanctuary that can take a pig like that.
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