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List of products dangerous for dogs. Please read carefully!
so happy this message was posted..I will have to pass along this info. to my friend that has a dog...
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These lists are good. We think we know if something is safe for our pet, but it is better to check and be sure. I am willing to let someone else do the checking and share the information with me.  It would be a good thing to pass on to a friend with a dog.  You never know when this list might save a dog's life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you for such informative post. It really helped us to protect our dogs much better than we used to with certain things. You have pointed out such a important things from which most of it we didn't know about.

Everyone has pets but not everyone knew about such things and unintentionally have been feeding things that is dangerous for dogs.

This points can help people to be more careful.
I am glad it is still helping people and their dogs.
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