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Seasonal allergies in pets
Just like their humans, pets get seasonal allergies. They can have the same runny nose and itchy eyes an skin. If a pet is experiencing such things it is better to treat them right away. There are human products that can help, but it is still better to get a veterinary product. The dosage will be suited to the size and needs of your pet.  Untreated allergies can lead to skin infections so it is better not to wait too long before treatment.

Something about changing seasons seems to lead to allergies. If you are in spring like I am, there is pollen to contend with. If you are in fall like the other half the planet there are fine seeds blowing in the wind. Whatever the cause, it can be miserable to have itchy eyes and skin. Our pets will thank us if we pay attention to the allergy problem and provide them with symptomatic relief. We can't stop the cause of seasonal allergies, but we can prevent their effects.
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