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Catio craze comes to the UK
Catios started in the USA and then the idea  spread. Now people in the UK want them. Many people are building catios or are having them built.
They can be a wonderful pet friendly addition to a home. Unfortunately, some people are having trouble with bylaw officers and planning councils.
There are rules about what you can build and where. There are height restrictions and restrictions about how much of the yard it can cover.
It even matters about whether the catio is built in front or back of the house.
In spite of that catios are being built and cats love them.

It is a beautiful idea. Giving a cat its own little patio is sure to make it happy. I can see why it has caught on. If you can negotiate the regulations it is certainly worth it. Most cats would love a private place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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