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SeaWorld Parks hits a rescue milestone.
SeaWorld Parks has hit a rescue milestone. They have rescued and rehabilitated 40,000 animals. There are three sites, Orlando Florida, San Antonio Texas and San Diego California. The three parks have their specialties, but they also work together. Orlando has worked to help the Manatees  and save them during a recent crisis. San Antonio has saved many sea turtles. The San Diego site has been there for the sea lions.  As needed the three sites work together. They have rescued over 550 dolphins, whales and porpoises. They have cared for over 8500 seals, sea lions and walruses. They have cared for 2500 sea turtles and over 800 manatees. Plus they have helped other various creatures, like sea birds.

No matter how you look at it, that is a lot of rescues. They have saved enough animals to have an impact on the survival of a number of species. The manatees have been particularly vulnerable. SeaWorld has done much to keep them going. Every Sea Turtle rescued is important to the survival of its species.
One rescue at a time has somehow added up to 40,000 saved. That is something to be proud of and we should be glad they are there.
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