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Tons of fish end up as garbage
We fish the oceans with ultra aggressive methods. Some of the fishing trawlers strip the ocean floor bare. Too much of what they catch is discarded.
One fishing trawler dumped 100,000 dead fish at one time.  Who knows how many other times it dumped thousands of fish.

We act like the ocean is an unlimited resource. We show a total disregard for fish life itself. We catch the fish, but we don't even consume them. All those tons of fish end up as garbage. The whole system needs to be changed. We need to stop wasting the oceans resources, we need to stop wasting fish lives.
Like factory farming, factory fishing needs to stop. We need to act responsibly and apply conservation methods to the oceans.  If we don't we will be faced with dead and dying seas. We need to act now while we still can do something.
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