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Plantation in Australia due to be logged without the removal of koalas
Many plantations have koalas living in their trees because there has been a tremendous loss of habitat because of wildfires and human activities.
Gordon Plantation, Midway Pty Ltd is about to harvest its Blue Gums.  I logging company is prepared to do the work.
What they are not prepared to do is relocate and protect the resident koalas.
Wildlife activists are pleading with the Victorian Government to intervene and ensure that the koalas are protected. 
The logging is dangerous for the koalas and the plantation is next to a major highway, another danger for the koalas.
There are suitable areas for koala relocation so it could be done.

It makes no sense. Some parts of the country have declared koalas endangered and another part is willing to let loggers put koalas at risk.
Even if they are not officially endangered in Victoria State surely they should still be protected from logging.
What kind of company would cut down trees with koalas in them. What kind of worker would consent to do that.
If they don't want to relocate the koalas, they could let others do it. There is no need to endanger the animals. It is unacceptable for even one koala to be injured.
I hope they resolve this well. Nothing less is acceptable.
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