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Rare American Badger spotted in BC
In Cariboo BC a rare American Badger has been spotted. First she was seen building a den and now she has been seen raising three kits.
There is some construction in the area, but the construction company when notified plans to keep their equipment away from the den.

Badgers are a protected species and it is good that people are respecting their presence.

Three surviving kits would be a real help to a species that is on the red list. I have never actually seen a badger all the many times I have been in BC.
People are encouraging the badger to stay by respecting her space. I hope she is able to continue to raise young badgers and those young can spread out and increase our badger numbers. Just letting one badger have a safe place to live is a step towards survival of the species.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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