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Collapsed NYC carriage horse abused
There is a real controversy around the New York City carriage horse. There are forced to work long hours in all kinds of weather. They are given no breaks and end up working until they collapse.  Luciana is one such horse. She collapsed right there on the street. The cab driver tried to force her to get up. His actions were abusive enough to trigger a protest. One problem is  a corrupt vet who certifies the horses as healthy even though they are not.

Last March another horse, Aisha, collapsed and was abused  for a long time before she was dragged away. She was only 12 years old and she was euthanized.

It is time they banned horse carriages in cities. The horses are suffering  every day. The suffering only ends when they die. Many major cities have already banned 
horse carriages. New York City needs to do the same.

We need to ban all these tourist rides. In places where they use donkeys, the donkeys are abused.
When people are on vacation they need to boycott any attraction that involves animal cruelty.
These acts of animal exploitation will only stop when we  reject them. The animals involved could be retired to a sanctuary for a much needed rest.
WE have the power to stop this, if we have the will to stop it.
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