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Calgary shelter in quarantine because of distemper outbreak
The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society has had to put its shelter in quarantine after a dog tested positive for distemper. They have lost two puppies since this started. They think it came in from some rescue dogs weeks earlier. They were probably not vaccinated.  They are encouraging people to get their dogs vaccinated and they are appealing to the public for financial help to get them through this difficult time.

Sadly distemper is incurable. Any dog at the shelter who has been exposed and is unvaccinated has no chance of survival.
The shelter is doing everything it can to contain this and I do hope they get the funds they need.

The fact that dogs can in with distemper means there are active cases in the province of Alberta.
That vaccine has been available since before I was born so there is no need for dogs to still be getting sick.
If you have a dog please get it vaccinated for distemper. It is a disease that spreads so easily from dog to dog. It is also a disease that we have been able to control for a long time. No more dogs should ever die of something that we can prevent.
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