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Greenland Polar Bear population adapted to hunt from glacial ice
They have been studying a population of polar bears in Greenland. There are more of them than they expected. Also, they hunt from the ice coming off of glaciers
instead of sea ice. With a steady loss of sea ice due to climate change, this is an important adaptation. It gives them a way of adapting as the climate changes. Sadly this solution won't work for polar bears where there are no glaciers. There will be populations of polar bears that can survive using glacial ice.

It is a bit of a good news bad news situation. The glacial ice will help some polar bears. It has certainly helped the Greenland population of bears.
If this doesn't work for the other polar bear populations they will have to find other ways to adapt. If they don't then climate change will wipe them out.
I am hopeful they will adapt. Better we overcome climate change, but that is less certain than the bears adapting.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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