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Blind couple with guide dog refused bus service
I can't believe this is still happening. A blind Kelowna, couple traveling with a guide dog, were refused admission on the bus to  Salmon Arm. The dog did have ID, but it wasn't a very specific ID that the bus company wanted. The couple ended up paying 300 dollars for a taxi and they have no idea how they are going to get back to Kelowna.

The dog, Kenko, is clearly a working dog. He has ID from Assistance Dogs of America. The couple are clearly both legally blind.
To refuse them because of the type of ID is absurd. The dog has been identified as a service dog. He has been properly trained. 
It put the couple in a difficult situation. It was also very humiliating for them to be turned away. It will make it harder for them to go out in future because they will worry about being turned away. This is a step backwards at a time we are trying to make things more accessible.
I hope the bus company admits their mistake and apologizes. So far they are standing behind the decision to refuse a ride to the couple.
Perhaps they are going to need to sue the bus company or get a protest boycott going.
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