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Pets as Partners
I was reading articles about pet trends and came across an interesting one about a new shift in how pets fill our lives. They have been like children to us. Now it seems some people are using a pet as a "partner" substitute. It is an interesting idea. When it is not the right time to seek out a partner, a pet keeps you from being alone.
Pets make us feel better and it seems that they are able to meet most of our social needs.

A related article talks about pet friendly housing designs. It seems that pets have never had it so good. They are family to us and more.

Now if we could just find homes like this for all the strays in the world.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I agree. Some pets are pampered, whilst there are countless strays in desperate need of help/adoption.

On the other hand, I fully understand the "pets as partner" feeling. I get a lot of messages on my website from people who are grieving the loss of their beloved pets, who were regarded as partners, rather than pets or "animal children" or "fur babies".
Misty was my sister. No doubt about it. I don't know about 'a partner' (possibly -in a broader sense of the word) -but it was like the two of us were a strong team. I'd had dogs and cats before, but our relationship was very unique. As if there was no 'species difference' involved.

I think they do help to show us what a loving relationship is all about. From the ridiculous to the sublime!
Life is so complicated now, having a simple loving relationship with a pet has become the centre of people's lives. Without it many lives would feel empty.

I can understand how Misty was like a sister to you. I have had lots of pets, but they don't all bond the same. I think my cat Blueboy was a part of me in the way no other pet has ever been.

I think animals are meant to be part of our lives and I think they want to be with us. At least people are now openly admitting it, so if they lose a pet they can open grieve for the loss. Also there are people they can turn to who understand.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I always do think that a special bond of love and understanding and co-operation between members of different species is wonderful. It's really saying we all speak the same language in a deeper sense.
Dog and deer....gorilla and mothering ducklings....human and 'pet'. They are deep partnerships. Some moreso than others of course.
I think something in us needs these bonds. They make our lives more complete. If more people were bonded with pets there would be more contentment.
Dare we hope for world peace if enough people had loving dog companions. One could hope.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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